Frances Sinclair-Kaspick is a First Nation woman and a band member of the Pequis Reserve in Manitoba.

• Frances was born with her Disability. Her Disability is labelled as a congenital, quadrilateral amputee.

• From birth, Frances’s maternal grandmother, Frances Sr., raised her, instilling determination and independence and the will to strive and become all that she can be!

• From the age of 6 months to 16 years, Winnipeg’s Shriner’s Hospital became a second home for Frances, as she was a frequent patient.

• At the age of 6, Frances was in a car accident that caused further damage to her feet.

• At the age of 11, Frances depended on her manual wheelchair to move around.

• At the age of 14, Frances now walked with the use of two, below the knee, prosthetics.

• At the age of 17, Frances left home to live on her own. Frances was educated in the City of Winnipeg.

• In 1974, Frances found employment in the private sector, where she worked for 9 years.

• In 1982, Frances began working with the Province of Manitoba, where she is still currently employed.

• In 1992, Frances formed the first Aboriginal Disabled group in the city, for those who fit under the umbrella of Aboriginals, or for those who have an interest in helping out, with “THE ABORIGINAL DISABLED SELF-HELP GROUP” With this group, and Employment and Training through CARD assistance, further education and employment opportunities are provided specifically to the clients needs.

Current & Future Plans:

Auto-biography: Frances is in the process of completing her auto-biography up to the age of 25 years of age.

Frances future plans are to travel with her play to bring attention to education, job creation and to open doors for other disabled writers

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