In the past, Frances has received a couple of awards. Both awards were for her volunteer efforts in making beneficial changes in the disabled community.

• In June 2000, Frances received her first award from the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities.

• In June 2001, Frances received her second award from Flare Magazine. She was flown to Toronto for a few days and she was featured in an issue of Flare Magazine. Since September 2010, Frances has been concentrating on “HEALTH & WELLNESS”.

Frances believes all people who are physically able should have a building which is accessible for them to work out, to swim and to revitalize. Frances had this health and wellness vision for 10 years and she was determined to have her plan materialize. In 2008/2009 she was instrumental in many meetings with the City of Winnipeg, The Aboriginal Centre-C.A.R.D and The Aboriginal Disabled Self-Help Group in studying the pools in the city then agreeing on a location. In 2010, the North Centennial Recreation Centre was remodelled with every accessible need taken into consideration: from the parking lot, to the building, the pool, co-ed changing rooms, and exercise equipment that adjusts to the wheelchair. The building is state of the art by today’s standards. A time was set up for the disabled to make use of the facilities, once a week from 5:00p.m to 8:00p.m.

Other Achievements:

• 1998 & 2000 – Frances both wrote, and acted, in a play to promote further awareness of individuals with disabilities. Frances looked for willing individuals, with physical and invisible disabilities, to perform in her play. The cast had to be willing to learn to act with a professional acting coach.

• June 9-19, 2001 – Frances attended the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped in Belfast, Maine, USA. Frances won a scholarship for her acting abilities.

• From 2001 to 2004 – Frances attended acting classes at the Prairie Theatre Exchange located at Portage Place in Winnipeg.

• In 2005 – Frances successfully applied for funds through the Healing Foundation of Ottawa and was able to put on a 4-day Disabled Spiritual Healing Retreat for 40 participants with physical disabilities or invisible disabilities. The use of “Aboriginal Traditional Spiritual” methods were used (adaptations were beneficial to our groups uniqueness)” Breath Work” speakers, group discussion and songs were instrumental to the healing process. Individuals needing personal assistance were welcome to bring their attendant. A healthy menu was provided. An accessible building was located to meet the needs required.

• In 2006, an Aboriginal disabled commercial was filmed through APTN studio. Frances took part in the commercial that went across Canada and played on all T.V networks. Frances’ voice was used as the voice over that said: “Open your mind, we all have abilities.”

• In 2003 and again in 2010, Frances acted in The Vagina Monologues with Tantoo Cardinal & Tina Keeper.

• Put on a Healing Retreat- one in the spring and fall


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