I met Dennis Stewart Kaspick at a singles dance, in a ballroom of a thousand people, three weeks after my first play ended in November of 1998. No alcohol or smoking was allowed on the premises. I noticed this handsome man sitting at a table and, mustering up enough courage, I walked over to him, and introduced myself. I handed him a piece of paper with my phone number on it and I also wrote how I loved to dance. I walked back to my table and danced the night away with the friends I had gone to the singles dance with. Dennis and I never danced that night, but a week later he called and invited me out dancing. We have continued to dance for seven years.

It was May 21st, 2005, when Dennis proposed to me. We immediately began searching for a social hall, church and Reception hall that would be accessible.

Our biggest dilemma was how I would I wear an engagement ring and wedding band? We thought about it long and hard, and in the end, designed our own jewellery.

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Dennis and I married on September 2, 2006. It was a beautiful fall day shared with wonderful family members and friends who celebrated with us, as we became husband and wife.

About Dennis Stewart Kaspick

Dennis is of Polish decent and was born in Melita, Manitoba. After leaving home, he lived in various small towns in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Ontario. He found his way back to Manitoba where he bought a home in Neepawa, Manitoba, where he resided when we met.

Dennis has 2 children from a previous marriage: a son, Brandon Stewart Kaspick and a daughter, Kristine Faye Rittinger.

At the age of 25, Dennis was in a farm accident causing a skull fracture and permanently causing some hearing loss in both ears. Since that time, Dennis has had to wear hearing aids in both in both ears.

Dennis’s profession was in farm implements, where he was in sales for 30 years. In May of 2003, Canada was affected by Mad Cow Disease – an issue that lasted four years. This affected both the beef industry and the farmers, forcing some to lose their farms. This unstableness which affected Canada over this time filtered into the sale of farm implements and caused Dennis to rethink his line of work.

It was October of 2005 when Dennis decided to move to Winnipeg to begin a new life. He immediately found employment in sales at All-Pro, selling Kubota and Gehl equipment. Dennis did well in sales and thought this would now be his chosen career. Unfortunately, this was not to be because in October of 2006, All-Pro closed their doors and Dennis was, once again, forced to rethink his career path.

In September of 2007, Dennis did an abrupt halt and made a major change in his life. After Dennis finished high school, he had taken an apprenticeship course as a construction electrician. This had always been in the back of Dennis’s mind, and before long, he was taking refresher courses which enabled him to seek employment in the electrical field.

In March of 2007, Budget Electric employed Dennis as a qualified electrician. Dennis proudly went from being in equipment sales to being a construction electrician and he has never looked back.

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